I spent 10 months in Port Saint Johns, volunteering at the Port St John's Junior Secondary School. My main tasks were assisting the Grade four English and Social Sciences teacher. I helped her during her lessons, for example by explaining tasks to the kids or helping them out when they had problems. I also helped her type and print exams. Furthermore, I had 4 lessons on my own per week, where I teached about anything I thought of as relevant to the children. I also invigilated in classes when teachers were absent.
Shaun and Lies, the volunteer supervisor and the project manager, are really nice and they were a really big help in every situation you could imagine. They showed us Port St Johns and its surroundings.
Port St Johns is a really nice town with really nice people. The Xhosa people are extremely open and friendly towards new persons.
Keep in mind that the Eastern Cape (formerly the Transkei) is a pretty poor area, so living in less luxurious conditions should not be a problem for you.

I can only recommend volunteering for the ACP, it's a great experience that will make you grow and you can help an amazing rural South African community.

I've spent 8 months in PSJ, supporting the Mthumbane Pre-School. I loved going to school every day, look into all of the faces when I am arriving, not just once I was surrounded by half of the kids, so that I can give them a high 5 or a hug. Lies and Shaun did an amazing job. I've always felt welcome and also at home. If I had issues with regardless what, they had an open ear for me and I am so glad that I met them. Port St Johns is such a beautiful place and I really miss it with all the persons who belong to it (also the ones who moved somewhere else :) ). There is space for everyone, so if you like to help this fantastic community, book a flight and just go there. You won't regret it!

Eduardo and Ana:
Hello, we stayed at the project 4 weeks between March and April 2017. It was a unique and lovely experience. The kids are great, the teachers are excellent and the staff is perfect, Lies and Shaun work hard for the volunteers to be well. Only we have to thank and strongly recommend.

Luca Wilke:
I am doing my German weltwärts year with the ACP which means that I volunteer at the Junior Secondary School. Working with the kids and teaching them English and "Special Life Skills" shows how you can actually make a difference. You don't need to study teaching or anything, you just teach the skills that you have learned in your life.
It can be anything! Music, sports, arts... Whatever you're good at.
Also living here in the location with the locals opens my mind for a completly different culture.
So if you're open minded, want to see and experience life different, just come here and make a difference!!! :)

I stayed in PSJ for 4 weeks in January 2017 and assisted at PSJ Junior Secondary School. I had a lovely time. I helped in Grade R (the youngest children). I assisted the class teacher in everything needed, e.g. writing, drawing, checking homework. As the number of pupils per class is high, helping hands are needed!
The accommodation at the Amapondo backpackers was very good, everyone was very friedly. There was always the possibility to get in touch with other people (stuff, tourists, locals), but also to spend a relaxed time, e.g. at the beach or during a hike.
It was a great experience, because everyday school life was very different compared to Germany. I highly recommend to participate in the project!

Andy Campbell:
I lived at Amapondo backpackers for two weeks in June 2016 and participated as a volunteer at the pre-school. It was such an amazing experience to work with these young kids every day and it was a privilege working together with the amazing staff at Amapondo pre school, they are dedicated to providing the best education for the children there its a great environment, would highly recommend volunteering here! :)

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