The Amapondo Children’s Project has an ethos of encouraging healthy living in both body and mind.  It inspires ethical living, where decisions and actions are aimed not only towards oneself, but also widen into consideration and support of the community around. Volunteers who participate in our Volunteer Programme have an opportunity to offer their skills and services, and to gain the reward of the impact their intervention will have on a rural and poor community within South Africa. 

We offer short and long term volunteer packages, starting from one week up to one year. Our volunteer packages are designed as fund raising initiatives, which means that whilst volunteers get the opportunity to become involved in these worthy projects, their financial contribution adds to the sustainability of our cause.  

Our basic package consists of the following:

  • Accommodation at Amapondo Backpackers Lodge
  • Pick-up and drop-off in Mthatha
  • Transport to the Community Projects as required  
  • Cultural tours 
  • Administration and 24/7 support from our Volunteer Coordinator and Project Manager 
  • Financial contribution to the Community Projects

Short term volunteers (less than one month) are accommodated in the volunteer dormitory at Amapondo Backpackers, whilst volunteers who are participating for a longer period of time are accommodated in our private self-catering Volunteer Cottage (depending on availability).

Port St Johns is situated in the heart of the Wild Coast and is easy to travel to but it always requires a pick-up in Mthatha (which is located 100km from Port St Johns: there is a bus station and airport). 

Volunteers work from Monday till Friday and are free during the weekends. They get dropped off and picked up at the schools by our Volunteer Coordinator. We also organise a trip to town for grocery shopping twice per week.

We add cultural tours to the packages, so that whilst volunteering with us, our volunteers also get the chance to get to know the people and the culture of the Wild Coast. These day trips are mostly organised over the weekend by the Volunteer Coordinator, sometimes during the afternoons.

Our Project Manager and Volunteer Coordinator are available 24/7 to ensure the well-being of our volunteers and to offer support and supervision where needed. This might sound unnecessary but volunteering can offer many challenges and what if something doesn't go as expected? Having somebody there to answer all your questions and to take care of you in case of an emergency -small or big- offers piece of mind, not only to the volunteer but also to their friends and family at home.

The financial contribution goes directly into the Project, depending on its current and most urgent needs. It can be used for maintenance to buy paint, roofing materials, plumbing supplies or maybe to replace a broken window in a classroom. It can also be used on toys, puzzles, educational games or colouring books. And sometimes it gets put towards marketing material, maintenance of our website or general operational costs to keep The Amapondo Children’s Project running.

Please note that the longer our volunteers stay with us, the cheaper it gets. Each volunteer package gets calculated on your exact arrival and departure date. We also offer fully-inclusive or tailor-made packages if volunteers have special or additional requests.


The Quick Experience (1 week)


The Helping Hand (2 weeks)


The Committed Helper (3 weeks)


The Anthropologist (4 weeks)


From 5 weeks or more

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